1. Morgan O’Kane: European Tour Dates

  2. GPS, Raspberry Pie, and an Aurduino. #ntnm

  3. Drone day in class! #ntnm (at Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium)

  4. Virtual reality! #ntnm

  5. chatting to another #SU student about wearable tech #ntnm

  6. Professor Bob Wilson shares his thoughts on the Autographer. #ntnm

  7. Testing out the Autographer on SU’s campus #ntnm

  8. Dear Mr President: Advice for a re-elected Obama

    President Obama is headed back to the White House. Here are a few things GlobalPost readers would like to see happen in Washington.

  9. Greg Abbott to election observers: Don’t mess with Texas

    With a few days before the US presidential election, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott tells international observers from OSCE to stay out of his state.

    BOSTON — The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is an international election-monitoring group that for decades has stood up to harsh regimes and violence in places such as Belarus and Kazakhstan in the name of free speech and democracy.

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  10. Vice Presidential debate 2012: Resume versus rhetoric

    When it comes to foreign policy issues, will VP Joe Biden’s experience come out on top or will Paul Ryan take down the foreign policy savant with his cutting remarks?

    BOSTON — Once anticipated as an entertaining sideshow between two scrappy candidates, the stakes for tonight’s showdown between Vice President Joe Biden and GOP challenger Paul Ryan have risen considerably.

    In the wake of last week’s presidential debate in which many claim Romney to have won, the tide and tone of pollsters and pundits across the country is shifting yet again, giving Biden and Ryan a unique opportunity to affect the campaigns in a substantive way at a critical time in the ever-tightening race to the White House.